Who are we?

Market Squared is composed of finance professionals dedicated to producing outstanding, online educational trading applications.

Our team all have first-hand experience of trading, training and mentoring successful market participants who trade across a wide range of products and asset classes. Via this experience of both trading and training, we believe we have designed products that offer a unique learning experience and that seamlessly combine theoretical learning with practical application.

At Market Squared we pride ourselves on a culture of excellence. We provide invaluable educational tools that give our clients realistic market experience without the associated financial risk. By listening to their feedback, we have produced training applications of exceptional quality.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to use all of our team’s experience in trading and training to create the best online, educational trading platforms. We believe that the strength of any training product can only be judged by how well it helps its users achieve their goals.

We aim for our products to cater for every level of experience; from aspiring undergraduate through to seasoned market professional. Our applications must help users with differing aims achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Working closely with clients, understanding their needs and harnessing the power of the most modern technologies, allows us to produce outstanding training tools. By designing with embedded flexibility, our products can offer benefits to traders, risk managers, university academics and students. Our technologies have been designed to seamlessly integrate with existing training programs within trading houses, banks, financial exchanges, academic and other educational institutions.

We strive continually to keep our users at the forefront of our product development. Pushing ourselves to produce highly advanced technologies that allow our clients to achieve their goals, underlies our ambition at Market Squared.

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